“Don’t Paint It, Wrap It!” 

We pride ourselves in show quality and award winning vehicle wraps! It is our goal to make it difficult to tell paint from vinyl! We are very meticulous in our work and detail is key when it comes to quality wraps! This is why we often remove parts (such as front & rear bumpers, emblems, door handles, etc) so that we can get the right fit, tuck and show quality finish.

Some of the FAQ we get about “wraps” include:

What is a vehicle wrap?

It is a high performance vinyl specifically designed for vehicles that can be contoured to fit your car and removed with ease at any time.  Vinyl wraps can be often found in the form of advertisements on buses, cars, and recently on personal vehicles as an alternative to paint.

What are the benefits of wrapping vs painting?

A professional paint job can be very costly and a bad paint job can depreciate the value of your car. Vinyl offers an alternative that protects the original paint/value and protects against various elements such as road debris, UV exposure, scratches etc. It can also be removed at any time; some think of it as a “colored” clear bra for their car. (See clear bra under services for more info)

How much does a vinyl wrap cost and why?
There are endless options when it comes to “wraps” and the pricing will vary depending on the type/color of vinyl, solid vs printed vinyl, size of car, amount of contours, etc. In order to get a show quality look VS pulls trim pieces, front and rear bumpers and more to get a perfect fit and finish. Most full wraps take 4 - 5 days and range from about $3,200-$5,500.  For a more specific quote please contact us directly.

What kind of vinyl, thickness and warranty do you offer?

We mostly use 3M vehicle grade films which offer 5-10 mil in thickness, a 7-10 year outdoor vinyl. (We also use Oracal, Avery and MacTac films for various projects.) Vinyl Styles warranties for up to 4 years on our wraps against bubbling, cracking and edge peeling. We do not warranty on vehicles that have been previously repaired or present with imperfections ahead of time. If you have any concerns about the original condition please discuss with us.

Does it damage the paint?

The vinyl leaves no damage to paint as long as your paint is in good condition to begin with and will actually keep your original paint in mint condition! We unfortunately cannot warranty vehicles that present with cracking in the paint, rock chips, or that have been previously repaired/painted as stated above.

What is the maintenance on a vehicle wrap?
For show car wraps we recommend hand wash only. In between washes you can simply use detail spray or alcohol for a light wipe down and touch up.